Coffee For A Cause

 Lost Pirate Coffee Co. donates 1 dollar for every bag of coffee sold to SeaTrees.  

What does SeaTrees do?  

SeaTrees is working to plant mangrove trees in Indonesia and Kenya, restoration of the kelp forest in California and rebuild coral reefs in Bali. These efforts will all help to restore the coastal ecosystems by removing carbon from the air. Mangrove forests - are 5-10x more effective than trees in the rainforest at removing carbon from the air. 

We are all connected to the ocean in on way or another. These connections are not always visible, and as a result, oceans have been critically undervalued. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this and has resulted in increased marine plastic pollution due to the rise in single use medical equipment (mask, gloves and single use gowns.)

We need more people and companies to get involved with the protection and restoration of ocean health. Threats like climate change, pollution and ocean acidification are accelerating faster than ever before in geologic history. Humanity must rise to meet that threat.

At Lost Pirates Coffee Co. we are ready to meet this challenge, and assist with funding for this important cause. 



10 important reasons that a healthy ocean is vital to us all.  

1: No Poverty

More than 3 billion people depend on oceanic and coastal resources  for a significant   portion of their livelihood. 

2: Zero Hunger 

The Future of Food from the Sea report by Costello et al (2020) finds that approximately 17% of global food currently comes from the sea. But with better ocean and sea management, we can boost current yield by 36-74% percent.

3: Good Health and Wellbeing  

A healthy ocean is necessary to sustains the marine plants which produce 50% of the   oxygen we breathe 

4: Gender Equality (DEI) 

Women account for approximately half of all workers in global fisheries, proving them with steady employment and access to a means of financial independence.  


5: Decent Work and Economic Growth 

Oceanic resources and industries account for 5% of the global GDP, valued at about US$3 trillion per year.

6: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 

A number of ingredients used to treat life threatening diseases such as cancer and alzheimers are sourced from the ocean. 

7: Reduced Inequalities 

Regulating the fishing industry will prevent overfishing by large corporations, thereby  facilitating more equitable access to natural marine resources. 

8: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Over a third of the world population lives in coastal areas, all of whom depend on healthy oceans to sustain ecosystems as well as the local economy. 

9: Climate Action 

The Earth’s oceans are carbon sinks,  absorbing  31% of our excess carbon and  over 90% of the excess heat we produce. 

10: Peace, Justice and Institutions 

Healthy oceans are key to avoiding fishery collapses and avoiding subsequent conflict between countries over scarce marine resources.